Return Elephants' Memories






The project is going on.

Through this page, I want to thank you again for your agreement to the project "Elephants".

In 1993, I have created an association " Elephants'Memories ". The president was 4 years old at the creation of this association, it's symbolic, we must protect the planet for children...

It is hard, but we will succeed in doing, one day, I am sure, this exhibition of all artworks dedicated to the elephants. As I said you in the previous pages, to let you know the project, I pass a visual file round of all important elements of this one.

May be some day, I really hope so, 1050 artworks dedicated to elephants will make people sensitive to the problems of the planet, in several towns, at the same time

And when we won't be alive any more these artworks, made to last will go on to act because the thought is immortal and indestructible. If in the near future, our planet is strongly threatened, there are elephants, through the artworks dedicated, which will intervene themself, will get together and will set out from cities to cities to sensitize public opinion. There will always be I think someone like you or me who, will gather these generous thoughts of artists for others causes to assure our own survival in this natural environment that we must love and respect on this earth.

I work a lot on this project. I don't have time to write regularly, I'm sorry, but I will always inform you about the continuation of this project.

Above all don't forget, when you have dedicated an artworks to the project, to send me a photography and I will send you, as soon as possible the photography of the " elephant-objet " for which your artworks gives life.

It's a sympatical project, a fairy tale..... in which there are nothing to give, nothing to sell.....only a thought.

See you soon          Thanks for all

 : The photographies of artworks dedicated and the elephants-objects which are presented on the internet site will be renew all 3 or 4 months.