Return Elephants' Memories

The history

Letter sent to artists


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

One day, about 37 years ago, leaving the Tours Art Museum, I walked into a room where I noticed a life-size elephant, a real, dead one which has been naturalized.
What a coincidence, a few hours later I heard that they are in way of extermination, may be worse, in way of disappearance, how sad it is !

I was so much haunted with the sight of this animal so that I saw it appearing in most shops as a common, functional, decorative object, its animal shape had been misrepresented and was given a commercial one : that beats all ! it was may be a premonitory sign of their extinct.

Am I doing anything to save them ? Whenever I see an elephant-object in a shop I buy it, so I feel as if I have saved the one which has just been killed, and for the last 37 years I have gathered a real herd of 1050 lifeless elephants.

Working as a warden at the Nantes Art Museum and living in an artistic world, I woulk like painters, sculptors, plastic artists to be concerned and be ready to take action for elephants, being a creator it would be great if you could give life to one of these elephants-objects of the herd dedicating a work of art as soon as you receive this letter, work that you dedicate to elephants (for me artists have always been life and hope symbols thanks to their creative force).

This is not an order-form on a special subject, but if you feel concerned about it, touched by it, if you grant them a generous thought and if you find this project attractive, award your work to them. The main thing is that your creation can be kept as a mark of symbolic representation of your thought for a natural reason : save one of the oldest pachyderms in the world and at the same time all animals threatened as well as our environment, in fact our own survival.

Each lifeless elephant is numbered by chronological order and if you a accept this offer, the work dedicated to them will be given a number and will correspond to an elephant'number and so on until all the elephants are saved, when the latest artist, thanks to his dedicated work, has symbolically given life to the latest elephant-object of the herd.

This is an ambitious project, which has to be on level with the danger that threats our animal and vegetable world.

One day there will be all over the world, I hope very much it will, one thousand works dedicated to the elephants which will make the public opinion aware of their cruel disappearance and so 1025 elephants will have been saved for ever thanks to 1025 generous thoughts of artist-creators.

If you agree, first of all you can write "yes" or "no" on a bit of paper. Afterwards, when you dedicate your work to elephants send me a photograph I will join to one the herd, your work will give it life.

This will help me to build up a file for each artist-work done to save elephants. This file, I will present it to Department Stores, Firms, using elephants as emblems (Mammouth, Côte d'or Chocolate, Tea Elephant, Dumbo, Babar etc...) with them I hope to set up an exhibition of all works dedicated to elephants.
Of course these works will be insured, protected and given the best care. First of all, an all works catalogue will be realized.

I do not want to urge you, but time is running out for them. Ideally I would like to present this exhibition as soon as possible, it would be wonderful !

The special interest of this exhibition will be to show the diverse tendencies of art at the end of this century, and it would be important to know that each artist has symbolically given life to an elephant.

Your work once exposed will continue it's path and will remain your property or that of a buyer's.
The best thing is that the work could be seen daily so it could perpetuate this story with the passing of years.

Each time that the work is exhibited hereafter a small elephant sticker could be attached to the card describing the work in order to remind us all of this story.

This one for example if you agree :

If you feel concerned, please answer this letter as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for them

See you later