Return Elephants' Memories

The project

Destined to entreprises having an elephant as emblem, to sponsors seducted by this project, and to the several institutions that could help us.




The association " Elephants' Memories " has an
educative objective : to make people sensitive to the protection of the environment and a cultural objective : to promote the contemporary art.

The project ELEPHANTA,e
lephants' Memories consists in gathering, one day, in an exposition form, a herd made up 1050 elephants-objects constituted for 37 years, ornemental objects, ordinary or functional in the shape of elephant numbered and artists'works of art dedicated to these same elephants.

Up this day, 932 artists-creators of 58 countries have answered favourably. The picture of the elephant is symbolic. In fact, all animal species are concerned and the artists have understood it; in this way they testify for an essential worry of the end of this century : the protection of the planet.

One day, there will be all over the world, I hope very much it will, 1050 works dedicated to the elephants which will make the public opinion sensitive in several towns and countries. These works pervaded by 1050 artist-creators' thoughts will travel down the ages and will make us aware that we must love and take care of our planet for our own survival and these of generations to come. In fact, the art in the service of the life, the life being itself stemming from the creation.

Works of art dedicated to the elephants can already be seen in some
Museums and also some F.R.A.C.,

If the idea of this project and the testimony of artists-creators for the protection of the nature appeal to you, you can join us by bringing your support whatever way you want. If you are numerous to help us this project will belong to everybody.

See you later.